Monday, June 29, 2015

Random Happy - Gift a Redbox Movie Night

Gifts are definitely one of my love languages!  Not in that I'm a great gift giver at birthdays or Christmas...I love giving people little surprises just because!  I try to bring C's daycare teachers little treats every few weeks to show our appreciation for them, mostly as a fun surprise on Friday.

He has 4 teachers that care for him on a daily basis, so I have to keep it to something small in order to be able to do it regularly.  I love popcorn and a movie, but now that movies are $12-15, a gift card to a movie theater would be too pricey for a random treat.  Did you know that you can purchase promo codes to Redbox that are good for a free night's rental?  A free Redbox would make my Friday!

The promo codes have to be purchased in multiples of 5.  As of June 2015, a bundle of 5 DVD rental codes is $7.50, a bundle of 5 Blu-Ray rental codes is $10, and a bundle of 5 game rental codes is $15.  I went with the Blu-Ray codes, since a lot of people have Blu-Ray players; the Blu-Ray codes are still good on DVDs too since those are less expensive.  You can purchase Redbox codes here and they'll send the codes right to your email.

I made a little card to write the promo code on.  You can download it in PDF format, if you want, and just write in the promo code in the blank.

Click here to download

I packaged mine up in a colorful paper bag with a bag of M&M's and some popcorn from a specialty popcorn store nearby.  These mini bags of popcorn are only $1.25 and the popcorn is DELICIOUS!  If you're local to DFW, I got them from Popcorn Shack.

You could substitute a bag of microwave popcorn if you prefer.

The colorful paper lunch sacks were $0.33 at Walmart, and I downloaded the printable "thank you" tags from this blog.


  1. Carter has some lucky teachers! Great idea Laura! You are truly amazing at gift giving. : )

  2. Redbox that are good for a free night's rental? A free Redbox would make my Friday!


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