Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Buy This, Not That: Baby Socks

I don't know what it is about baby socks, but they always seem to fall off little feet!  We've tried several brands trying to find some that we're not always having to put back on C's feet.

Good: Carter's

Carter's is probably my favorite brand for baby clothes; they're super cute, wash and wear well, and aren't too expensive.  However, their socks absolutely DO NOT stay on C's feet.  This is a shame because they always have the most adorable designs!  We have a bunch of pairs and still use them, but we're constantly catching them as they fall off C's feet and putting them back on.

Better: Trumpette

Trumpette makes adorable socks, too, and they stay on Cs feet better than Carter's brand socks....sometimes they tend to start sliding off, but they rarely fall all the way off.  

Best: Robeez

Robeez socks are the BEST!  I don't know how there can be that much difference between socks, but the Robeez socks do not budge!!  No more lost socks!!

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