Tuesday, December 2, 2014

Buy This, Not That: Pajamas

Is there anything cuter than a baby in footed pajamas?!  They are sooooo snuggly!  My favorites are made by Carter's - they get softer with each wash!

Good: Zip-Up Sleep N Play Pajamas

I love one-piece pajamas; I feel like they keep C warm because the top can't ride up and expose his belly like it can with two-piece pajama sets.  We have a bunch of zip-up pajamas, which are nice because it's quick and easy to get them on and off.

Better: Snap-Up Sleep N Play Pajamas

However....we MUCH prefer snap-up pajamas to the zip-up variety.  Although this seems counter-intuitive (having to fasten all those snaps every time?!), the snap-up kind allow you to only un-fasten the snaps along the legs for middle-of-the-night diaper changes, leaving your baby's belly and arms nice and warm.  With the zip-up kind, you have to unzip the whole thing to change their diaper, which exposes their whole body to the cold air.  They're much more likely to wake up that way!  The snap-up kind makes it much, much easier to change a diaper without the baby fully waking up.  Also, you won't live in fear of catching your baby's delicate skin in the zipper!  Just make sure that you buy the kind that snaps up the FRONT - there are also footed pajamas that snap up the back, which are pretty much impossible to put on....and it also seems uncomfortable for the baby to have to lay with their body weight on the snaps.  

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