Wednesday, February 11, 2015

Buy This, Not That: Crib Mattress Pads

Good: Waterproof quilted fitted mattress pad

I registered for and received 2 Carter's Keep Me Dry quilted fitted mattress pads.  They're pretty much tiny versions of the mattress pad you'd use on your own bed.

Better: Nothing

We used the crib mattress pads for the first few weeks, and then realized that it was a huge pain to change both the mattress pad and the crib sheet whenever C spit up or had a blowout in the crib.  Since our crib mattress has a plastic outside, it's waterproof in and of the waterproof mattress pad is not necessary like it is with normal adult mattresses. Cribs are supposed to be rock-hard anyway for SIDS purposes, so it's not like this was providing much padding.  We stopped using the mattress pads about 2 weeks in and haven't looked back.  I wish someone had told us how unnecessary these are!!

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