Monday, August 29, 2016

2 Year Old Birthday Gift Ideas

I can't believe C is already 2!  We have spent every Saturday for the last month at one his friends' 2nd birthday parties, so I have been researching, buying, and wrapping lots of gifts!  Here are some ideas (for every budget!) of things we've given as gifts or that C received for his own 2nd birthday!

C LOVES playing in his sandbox in the backyard! This one had better reviews than the infamous turtle sandbox, both for having a good spot to sit (on the crab pinchers) and for the lid staying on tight (nothing worse than cat poop in the sandbox!)

Table and Chairs Set

Now that C constantly wants to draw/color, I feel like I am constantly putting him in and out of his high chair so he can reach the kitchen table.  My in-laws got him this little Kidcraft table and chair set, which is perfect because he can color whenever he wants!  I love that the white finish is wipeable and easy to clean, and isn't too "kid"-ish so it blends in well with our other furniture.

Melissa & Doug Easel

This is what we gave C for his 2nd birthday, along with some rolls of easel paper and some spill-proof paint cups.  This easel has a chalkboard on one side and a dry-erase board on the other side, with a spot in the middle to hold the roll of easel paper.  I love watching our little artist at work!

Apparently around age 2 is when kids really get into "pretend" play.  This is the gift that C gave most of his friends (boy and girl!) for their 2nd birthdays.  Who doesn't remember playing doctor when they were kids?!

This is another great, inexpensive gift for kiddos with a spring or summer birthday!  After way, WAY too many bottles of bubbles wasted when C wanted to "do it myself", I finally got smart and bought one of these things!  Genius! The bubbles do not spill, even when the bucket is tipped over, and C gets to feel a sense of independence about his bubble blowing.  Win win!

Soccer Ball

C is really into kicking balls, which usually means he's kicking the little basketball that came with his basketball goal.  I hope he gets a toddler-sized soccer ball for his birthday!

C is really into throwing and kicking balls lately; this T-ball set has been a blast, and will help with his hand-eye coordination.  

Daniel Tiger Book Set

My college roommate gave these to C for his 2nd birthday, and we basically have all 12 books memorized already - they are on non-stop rotation!  C LOVES Daniel Tiger, and I like that he gets his Daniel Tiger fix without resorting to watching TV :) He received 2 sets of 6 books; this set is shorter and better for a younger audience, and this set is longer and better for slightly older kids.

Sticker Books

C is finally to the age where he has the coordination and the patience to appreciate a good sticker book!  He received this ABC sticker book for his birthday and loves it!  The stickers are removable so in theory you can use it more than once!

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