Tuesday, November 4, 2014

Buy This, Not That: Diaper Rash Cream

Diaper rash cream....I had no opinions on this one way or another until C got a diaper rash, and then it became the most important product in our arsenal!  Nothing makes you feel worse than seeing their red, inflamed little butt!!

GoodA+D diaper rash cream
Based on friends' recommendations, I purchased A+D diaper rash cream before C was born.  I've used it on diaper rash once before, and it seemed to work pretty well, although I had nothing to compare it to.  

Better: Triple Paste 
C got a bad diaper rash this week after a little stomach bug resulted in a LOT of diaper changes.  When I spoke to our pediatrician's nurse, she recommended Triple Paste.  We went out and bought some yesterday, and it is much, much thicker than the A+D cream, which forms a better barrier against moisture.  It puts the A+D cream to shame!  Of course, it does cost about twice as much, but when you have a baby with diaper rash, nothing is too expensive to make it go away faster!!

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