Friday, March 20, 2015

Friday Favorites: Baby Easter Basket Edition

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Holidays are my FAVORITE!  I absolutely love having a kiddo so that I have an excuse to go all out on holidays!  This will be our first Easter with a little one - C will be almost 9 months old!  I've been scouring Pinterest and the internet for Easter basket ideas for him -- I want to include things that are useful/practical (he does not need one.more.toy, ever) and Christ-centered.  He's too young to understand Easter yet, but over the years I hope to bring fun to Easter (and Christmas) while still keeping them centered on Jesus!

Here are some of the things that C will be getting in his Easter basket this year -- I won't lie, several items are things he already owned, things recycled from his Christmas stocking that he hasn't used yet, or things he needs...but he's too little to know!

1.  Jesus Storybook Bible

In the fall, I contacted a friend of mine (he's a pastor at our church, and a dad to a 3-year-old boy) to ask what children's Bible he used with his son.  He recommended the Jesus Storybook Bible, which we actually gave C for Christmas and have been reading from every night (this is one of those 'recycled' Easter basket gifts I mentioned above - shhh!)  It reads like a storybook (i.e., it is paraphrased Bible stories) and has chapters, rather than books of the Bible/verses.  The illustrations are great (although we're still too young to appreciate them), and it tells the Bible stories in a way that I think young kids will understand.  At only 8 months old, our nightly Bible story is more of a routine than a meaningful experience for him, but we wanted to go ahead and set the habit of Bible stories and prayers at bedtime from a young age.  Eventually, we'll replace this with an actual children's Bible (that has the normal books of the Bible/verses), but this is a great version for younger kids who aren't ready for that yet!

2.  Fisher Price Sunday School Sing-Along CD

My friend Whitney recommended the Fisher Price Sunday School Sing-Along CD - her 3-year-old loves it and can sing along with all the songs.  In our Sunday school class, we have been discussing "Raising Godly Children", and how our time in the car can be a great opportunity to connect with them about their faith.  I listened to the clips on iTunes and realized I knew all of these songs as a child and had totally forgotten most of them!  I'm hoping this will be a CD that we can sing along to in the car for years to come!

3.  The Story of Easter Book

I have no idea where we got this The Story of Easter book, but I found it on C's bookshelf and it will be re-gifted in his Easter basket :)  Ours is a board book and tells the story of Easter in a simple format that young kids can understand.  

4.  Bowtie

We attend the 6:45 AM outdoor "sunrise" Easter service at our church; since it's early and outdoors, the dress code is very casual, so C won't be wearing a suit and tie this Easter. However, I still want him to have something a little bit special to wear on Easter, so he'll be sporting a button-down shirt, khakis, and adorable baby bowtie for the occasion.  Cuteness overload!

5.  Sunglasses

I feel terrible every time C is squinting from the bright sun in his carseat or stroller; it's definitely time for some baby-iators!  This pair from Carters is adorable!

6.  Puffs

Since he's too little for Easter candy, I figured C needs some snacks in his Easter basket!  He'll be getting these Happy Baby puffs in the purple carrot and blueberry flavor (because the package is purple, duh).  He loves these and, while these are the only thing he eats that aren't homemade, I don't feel to bad because 1) it helps him practice his pincer grasp, and 2) they are organic and soy, dairy, gluten, wheat, tree nut, peanut, egg, and corn-free (i.e., no potential allergens).  Also, they are super convenient to have in the diaper bag and will entertain him for a good 15 minutes (he is still slow getting them into his mouth!)

7.  New Pacifiers

C's also getting new pacifiers in his Easter basket; he's still using the 0-6 month Mam pacifiers, even though he's 8 months old.  The shield and the teat on this 6+ month size is bigger, which I figure will be more comfortable for him, as well as harder to fit the entire pacifier in his mouth.  We only let him have his paci in the carseat and in the crib, but it is a lifesaver -- it puts him right to sleep!  In the past month or so he has learned how to look for the paci and put it back in his own mouth if it falls out, which is amazing - no more late night pacifier re-insertions from mom and dad!  I'm also pretty excited that these are glow-in-the-dark, since that will make them easier to find in the middle of the night (he has a tendency to kick them out of this crib onto the floor, since we don't use bumpers in his crib).  

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