Friday, March 27, 2015

Friday Favorites

I'm linking up with MomfessionalsGrace and Love, and A Little Bit of Everything to share my Friday favorites!

1.  Kendra Scott on sale!

Tuesday was A, one of THOSE days.  It was a crazy busy day at work - I missed a pump time, left work an hour late, there was terrible traffic on the tollway and I nearly ran out of gas, I was an hour and a half late picking up C from daycare (within 4 minutes of getting charged), and Blair's conference call ran like 2 hours over, meaning that I couldn't make it to the Moms ministry speaker and dinner at church.  Soooo naturally I did what all responsible adults do....retail therapy online, in the form of new (and on sale!) Kendra Scott earrings.  I have 3 pairs of the Elle earrings (Cobalt, Maroon Jade, and Yellow) and have had my eye on the Alex, since they were on sale, and I had some money leftover on a Nordstrom gift card, obviously I needed them.  I got the slate catseye and the magenta magnesite...I'm not sure whether I'll keep both or only one, but since Nordstrom offers free shipping and returns, I figured I needed to snag them both before the sale ends!

2.  My New Wreath!

I love the look of burlap wreaths and have been wanting one for a while, so I finally took advantage of all my time on "house arrest" (due to a baby with a 7:30 PM bedtime and a husband working busy season hours) to make one.  I picked up the supplies at Hobby Lobby and made the whole things in less than an hour - so easy!  I used the instructions from this blog to do the burlap (it took 3 15-foot rolls), and then just modge-podged some scrapbook paper onto a wooden P (because who doesn't love a monogram?)  I plan to change out the Easter egg picks for various season/holiday-appropriate accents throughout the year!

3.  Google+ App

Image result for google plus

The vast quantity of photos and videos of C on my iPhone far exceed the 5 GB of free iCloud backup space, so I keep getting annoying pop-up windows suggesting that I buy more storage from Apple.  While researching options, I found that I can just download the Google+ app and it will auto-backup all of my photos and videos for free...which is even better because I can access Google from anywhere (I don't have iTunes installed on my work computer).  Score!

4.  Finally, springtime weather in Dallas?!

Can it possibly be true?! Is it FINALLY going to be spring weather in Dallas?  I'm pumped about the forecast for this weekend and can't wait to break out the short-sleeved shirts and maybe some sandals!!  Perfect weather for a walk on the Katy Trail with C!

5.  Women's Small Group Saturday

Tomorrow is our monthly small group with the girls from our Sunday school class at church -- one of my favorite times of the month!  We started this small group last fall after collectively deciding that we wanted to have a Bible study/small group, but that the constraints of working, being moms of littles, and having busy lives meant that it would have to be low key and flexible - so, we have it at 8:00 AM one Saturday morning a month, because that is the frequency that we can commit to at this stage in our lives, and 8:00 AM is the only time we aren't otherwise booked up.  The theme of our small group is "come as you are", which means that coming in PJs, no makeup, with or without babies in tow (depending on if husbands are home to watch the kiddos) is the norm.  No homework, no fuss (even for the hostess - the only expectation is coffee).  Love it!!!


  1. I am stopping by from the link up - your wreath is adorable! Also, love what you shared about your small group. In this "parent of young ones" stage of life once a month is a great frequency!

  2. I love your small group's concept and how it works so well for you all! I may need to borrow that for the moms in our church. Thanks for sharing and have a great weekend!

  3. Stopping by from the link-up . . . LOVE your wreath and your plans to make it work for different season! Have a great weekend : )
    - Rachel @ Stickers for Mommy

  4. Love your new wreath it is so cute :) Happy Friday
    Chelsea @

  5. This post made me very homesick for TX. I love the wreath and glad you picked up some new earrings during the sale!

  6. Stopping by from the link up :) Those earrings are so fun! Love the color! Super cute wreath too! Enjoy that gorgeous weather, and the time with your sisters in Christ this weekend! :)

  7. LOVE those kendra scott earrings!! - Seri from


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