Monday, September 19, 2016

Trip to the Magnolia Silos

 A few weeks ago, I went to Waco with my two soon-to-be sisters-in-law to pay a visit to the Magnolia Silos!  I am a huge fan of Fixer Upper and Chip and Joanna Gaines!  They seem like the most hard-working, down to earth people, and I love that they have had so much success -- they seem like they really deserve it!

We left Dallas around 8:15 AM on a Saturday morning and made it to Magnolia around 9:45 AM - which was great timing; the Silos weren't too hot or crowded yet.  I've heard of people having to wait outside just to get INTO the store, but we had no problems -- and the store wasn't as packed with people as friends have mentioned in the past.  So, I would definitely go early again (the Silos open at 9).  

I was so impressed with the grounds surrounding the store!  There was a huge faux-grass lawn with all kinds of yard games, bean bag chairs, and people just hanging around; a huge area of picnic tables with shade awnings for enjoying food from all the food trucks that line the Magnolia property; pretty gardens near the Magnolia Seed & Supply Store; an adorable patio outside the Silos bakery; and, of course, the main attraction - the Magnolia store itself!

We hit up the store first, loving the way the Magnolia brand is carried throughout the whole store - it's not just stuff on a shelf; the entire store is styled beautifully and appropriately for the season of the year.  There were so many beautiful items that I wished I had room (and the budget) for more new decor in our house!  

We all ended up purchasing a few things...most of which don't appear to be available in their online store, so I can't grab photos!  I hadn't realized that the selection online vs. in store was so different - another reason to visit the Silos!  We all got one of the #shiplap t-shirts, which are the softest shirts ever, and one of Joanna's Signature Scent candles, which smell like clean linen :)

Magnolia Signature Candle Collection#shiplap T-Shirt

One future-SIL and I both bought a set of little ceramic bowls, which are the perfect size for nuts, hummus, or dips!  My other future-SIL bought a black-and-white striped marble cheese board which was GORGEOUS (and super heavy).  

We made a trip back to our car (which we just parked on the street about a block away - easy peasy) to drop off our purchases, and returned to check out the Seed & Supply Store.  None of us are huge gardeners, and the store is much smaller than the main Magnolia market (with all the decor)...I bought a couple of cute weathered buckets, which were meant to be planters, but they sit on C's little table holding his markers and crayons.

The bakery was in its soft-open stage when we were there, which meant they were handing out free cookies and cupcakes!  They all looked DELICIOUS.  I had a lemon lavender cupcake that was AMAZING - I don't know how they made the buttercream SO light and fluffy, but it was seriously the best cupcake frosting I've ever had!

I've already been back!  We made another stop by the Silos on the way to Horseshoe Bay for my soon-to-be SIL's bachelorette party!  I was hoping that the selection would have changed to full-on fall decor, but it was largely the same as it had been over the summer.  Bummer!  I still left with their signature Fall candle (it's not too sweet smelling, like many fall candles!) and another of their super-soft Tshirts...this time, Texas Forever.

Image result for magnolia texas forever

I can't wait to make another trip later in the year - I bet the Magnolia Christmas game is STRONG :)

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