Friday, September 2, 2016

Friday Favorites

Friday Favorites

Woohoo!  It's Friday, and a 3-day weekend at that!  We'll be spending Sunday poolside with all our friends and littles from church - I can't wait!  Sadly, I think this will be only the 2nd time this summer that I've been in/near a pool.  25-year-old me would have cringed at the thought!

I'm linking up with MomfessionalsGrace and Love, and A Little Bit of Everything to share my Friday favorites!  Here's what I'm loving this week...

1.  Dreft Blissfuls

Dreft Blissfuls In-Wash Scent Booster, 19.5 oz

I am ADDICTED to this Dreft Blissful stuff.  I didn't even use Dreft on baby clothes, but I discovered this stuff and it. smells. amazing!!!!  A little goes a long way - I only use a tablespoon or so in each load - but this makes our laundry smell SO good.  It really does last longer than detergent or dryer sheet scent; I can pull something out of the closet or drawer and definitely tell if it was washed with this in the load! 

2.  Votivo candles

Image result for votivo red currant

I love a good candle and get so frustrated when I try a new brand or scent and the throw is weak!  What is the point if I can't smell it across the room (or even better, the house)?!  I found out about Votivo candles after smelling it in someone else's house and asking what the scent was....and then didn't buy one for another 3 years because they are kinda pricey for a candle.  When they showed up in the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale this year, I took advantage of the discounted price to try it out - and it was SO worth it!  I got the Red Currant scent, which is the one I had admired in my friend's house!  The scent fills my entire house and even though the candle is small, it says it has a 65-hour burn time.  Considering that similarly-sized candles from Bath & Body Works have a 30-40 hour burn time (and a much weaker throw), the Votivo candle is almost double - which makes the price tag easier to justify.

3.  Blue Bell Cookie Two Step

Image result for cookie two step

Cookie dough ice cream meets cookies and cream?  YES.  I love an ice cream with a ton of "stuff" in it!  This ice cream is amazing, and I am embarrassed to recall how long we spent scouring every grocery store in town trying to find it (as it is a new flavor and in high demand!)  It was worth it!

4.  Crazy socks for little boys

Jefferies Socks Big Boys' Funky Stripe Crew Socks (3 Pair Pack)

C is the ring bearer in my sister's upcoming wedding, and she said he could wear fun socks underneath his little black suit.  I found these socks on Amazon and loved the pattern - like a mini version of men's socks, rather than cutesy kids' socks.  I think they will be a fun pop of color to go with his suit!

5.  Our Roomba

It's been about 5 months since we bought our Roomba, and I haven't broken out the regular vacuum ONCE.  I absolutely love coming home everyday to clean floors - who would have thought a machine that vacuums while you're at work would make someone this happy?!  It's still doing a great job, despite our varied flooring surfaces (carpet, hardwood, area rugs, tile).  I have come to appreciate the "spot" feature that vacuums in an outward spiral from its starting location to clean up a localized mess (i.e., toddler-crushed Cheerios).  I recommend this to EVERYONE I know, but especially all the moms of young kids!!!  Check out the link above for my full review - we have the iRobot Roomba 650.

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