Tuesday, September 20, 2016

Show and Tell Tuesday: Favorite Blog Posts

Today I'm linking up with Momfessionals for Show and Tell Tuesday to share my favorite blog posts!

They're definitely not my most popular posts, but they're my favorite blog posts of others' to read, so it makes sense that they're my favorite of my own blog posts as well - I LOVE Day in the Life posts!  They are a pain to write because of keeping track of all the times and the photos, but I love being able to look back and see what a typical day in my life was like at various points in time (and ESPECIALLY with C at various ages!)  

My first Day in the Life post was while I was still on maternity leave with an 11-week-old baby.  Where has the time gone?! While I don't miss the days of seeing 3:14 AM on my phone, I miss those squishy baby cheeks and the wonderful days of maternity leave being home with my newborn all day everyday!!

My long-walk-and-Starbucks frequency has also gone way downhill since those days :)

My second Day in the Life post was when C was 15 months old. It feels like so long since I've had a sweet paci baby waking up from a nap!

That was also back when I was seriously addicted to this granola and making a batch almost every week.  

The one accomplishment I can claim is that Blair and I are eating SLIGHTLY more "real" dinners these days than we were back when we had a 15-month-old....ha!!  

Looking back at these past posts, I realize I haven't done a Day in the Life in a while (almost a year?!) - that needs to change soon!!

Am I the only one that loves reading Day in the Life posts?!  Maybe I am just nosy to see how other people spend their days, but I love them!!!

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