Thursday, October 23, 2014

Friday Favorites - Trader Joe's Edition

I'm linking up with MomfessionalsGrace and Love, and A Little Bit of Everything to share my Friday favorites!

Trader Joe's is still relatively new to Dallas, and I don't shop there that often, but I've discovered a few favorites that I'll go there especially to stock up on:

1.  Coconut Oil

At $5.99, Trader Joe's has a great price for coconut oil - especially since it's organic!  I've used it for Carter's diaper rash, as well as in baking.

2.  Pizza Dough

Trader Joe's pizza dough is great for a quick dinner - I've tried all 3 varieties (plain, wheat, and garlic & herb), and they're all great!  It usually runs about $1.29.

3.  Frozen Brown Rice

We always eat brown rice instead of white rice, but brown rice is such a pain to cook - it takes forever!  I love this frozen, pre-made brown rice.  A box comes with 3 pouches; just microwave the pouch and in 3 minutes you have perfect, ready-to-eat brown rice!

4.  Hummus

Pretty much all of the flavors of hummus I've tried are delicious - I especially like the unique flavor of this Cilantro and Jalapeno hummus!

5.  Grigio Luna Pinot Grigio

Inexpensive, drinkable red wine is a lot easier to find than white wine....but this $5 pinot grigio is perfect for weeknights when I can't justify opening a $15 bottle.  

6.  Pumpkin Bread Mix

Someone brought us pumpkin bread made with this mix after Carter was makes some very delicious pumpkin bread!!

7.  Cookie Butter

This stuff is seriously delicious....I will not allow myself to buy a jar of it on principle, because I know it would last about 3 hours in my house.  However, I try samples of it every time they're offered at Trader Joe's because it is sooooooo good.


  1. If you like the pizza dough, definitely try their sauce too! We love it! When I was at the store last time they were doing samples of the pumpkin bread and they had made it with their pumpkin Greek yogurt instead of the eggs and oil. I came home and made it that good! I love trader joes!

  2. Ooooohhhhh...totally have to try cookie butter!!! And get to a Trader Joe's!! Ha! Have a great weekend!!

  3. Love all of these items too especially that wine, now I'm a little sad that I finished the last bottle of it last week. Time for another trip to Trader Joes for some more :)


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