Wednesday, October 1, 2014

Weekly Recap

Another fun week!  I go back to work in exactly one week, so I'm trying to make the most of these last few days at home with Carter!

After visiting 5 Sam's Clubs in the DFW area, I FINALLY found the rug I was looking for to go in our new playroom.  I may have made a scene trying to push both a flatbed cart and the stroller through Sam's, and then the rug may or may not have come off the cart and completely unrolled in the parking lot, and then BARELY fit in my car...but it was the only one in stock and I was not leaving it behind!

On Thursday we attempted to go to Nick and Sam's Grill in Addison for happy hour...only to find that apparently it has closed down.  So we settled for the patio at Coal Vines instead.  

I went on lots of walks with this sweet this cooler weather!

Some of those walks involved a stop by Starbucks :)

Lots of time playing with this precious baby!
On Friday night, our friends the Smiths came over with their daughter Cadence and brought us some tasty lasagna.  I failed to get any photos! What is it with my inability to take pictures on weekends?!
On Saturday we went to the First United Methodist Richardson 46th annual Pancake Flip, courtesy of my neighbor/coworker John.
We made a trek up to Mckinney, because I'd been wanting to see the town square there.  We didn't realize they had an Oktoberfest, so a lot of the restaurants were closed and it was a total zoo.  
 Saturday night was our Sunday School class "State Fair" themed social....many things were fried, including oreos, jalapeno poppers, bananas, and Snickers.  I definitely felt sick later that night, but it was a fun night with our friends and all the kiddos!  

Our sweet friends the Berrys brought us a delicious dinner on Sunday night and stayed to eat with us.  Jane had lots of fun playing with Carter (mostly trying to touch his belly button which was constantly sticking out of the shirt he is clearly outgrowing!)

Stephanie made us these raspberry scones which I enjoyed during Carter's naptime all week!

On Tuesday morning, Blair and I woke up at 7:00 AM to realize that CARTER SLEPT THROUGH THE NIGHT!  11 weeks and 1 day, 9 PM to 7 AM...I hope this is a new trend and wasn't just a fluke!

On Tuesday Carter had a morning bath to get ready for our lunch date with Katrina at Paradise Bakery, following by helping her with her baby registry at Buy Buy Baby!

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