Wednesday, October 8, 2014

Weekly Recap

Cherishing my last few days at home with this guy.  I can't get a picture without his hands being blurry because he is always playing with his toys!

My last walk with Carter to Starbucks of maternity leave.... :(  He likes this Starbucks best (there are 2 within walking distance from our house) because there is a better view of people, dogs, and cars from the patio at this one.

Blair's 31st birthday was last Friday.  I woke up early to go pick up donuts for breakfast before Blair and Carter woke up, and then Carter helped me wake Blair screaming.

Fun Friday date with Stephanie for pedicures and salads!

Friday afternoon we went shopping for Blair's birthday at the Galleria and Willow Bend (he needed 5 pairs of pants, apparently), and took a short break at the outdoor concert at Willow Bend

Carter's first pumpkin patch photo op...I'm sure it will not be the last one!

At Hillary and Regan's wedding on Saturday night - our first night out without Carter for more than a couple of hours (he stayed home with Gigi and Bi Al)

So many people we knew from church were at the wedding - it was a great time!

On Sunday, Stephen, John, and Meghann came over for dinner and to hang out with Carter.  John was the baby whisperer!  He was fussy with Stephen but calmed down immediately in John's lap...even if John was overly paranoid about getting spitup on him.
 On Monday I went walking on the Katy Trail (and then of course sat chatting at Starbucks) with 3 new friends from the First Time Moms Group at church.  I'm so glad that I've gotten to meet some new girls with babies close to Carter's age through this group!

On Tuesday I returned to work after my 12-week maternity leave.  They moved my department's offices while I was out, so I returned to a new office full of crates to be unpacked.  Also, it's dark outside because I changed my hours to be from 7 AM to 5 PM.
Carter sent me flowers at work on my first day back.  Really, they're "please don't quit your job today" flowers from Blair :)

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