Thursday, September 25, 2014

DIY: Fabric Embellished Burp Cloths

I made 20 of these fabric-embellished burp cloths while I was pregnant, and I use them constantly!  My son is a MAJOR spitter-upper, so we go through 10-12 burp cloths EVERY day!  These were much more cost effective than buying store-bought burp cloths (I think they cost about $2 each to make, depending on the cost of your fabric), and because they are made from cloth diapers, they are also super absorbent! 

I would call my sewing skills "beginner"; if you own (or have access to) a sewing machine and can sew a (reasonably) straight line, you can make these burp cloths!  They're great to make in big quantities; once you get in a rhythm, you can churn out a bunch of these in one afternoon!

Supplies (to make 10 burp cloths):

10 Gerber 6-ply prefold cloth diapers
4 fabric fat quarters (22" x 18"), cut into 3 pieces each (22" x 6")
Coordinating thread (I used white thread for all of the burp cloths so I wouldn't have to change it)
Pins (I used 6 pins to pin the fabric to the cloth diaper while sewing)
Spray starch
Sewing machine
Ironing board
Scrap cardboard, cut to 17" x 4.75" (to use as a template for ironing a seam allowance around the fabric)

I followed this tutorial to make these burp cloths; I won't bother to recreate the steps since this tutorial is so thorough and easy to follow!  The only things I did differently were: 1) I didn't prewash my fabric or cloth diapers; and 2) I used spray starch when ironing the seams to make a crisp edge.

I used Gerber 6-ply prefold cloth diapers, which I found at Target.  (They also sell them at Buy Buy Baby but they are more expensive there).  I got my fabric fat quarters at Joann's (they have a huge selection and they are cheap, especially if you catch them during a sale!)  Each fat quarter was enough fabric for 3 burp cloths, so I needed 7 fat quarters to make 20 burp cloths.

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