Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Navy & Green Baby Shower

Last weekend, I helped host a baby shower for Erin, a good friend of ours from college who is expecting her first baby boy in November!  Her nursery colors are navy blue and bright green (like mine!), so we used those colors for the theme of her baby shower.  

We held the shower at 11 AM and served brunch, because who doesn't love brunch food?!  To keep it simple and low stress, we served a combination of store-bought and homemade items.  

The menu included:

Mini chicken and waffles with syrup (Chick-fil-A chicken nuggets and mini frozen waffles)
Fresh fruit
Pigs in a blanket and mini quiches
Donut hole skewers

Peanut butter and pretzel truffles, chocolate chip cookie dough truffles, and oatmeal cookies

A juice-based punch served in mason jars with striped paper straws

A coffee bar with a variety of flavored creamers

Instead of a guest sign-in sheet, we asked each guest to self-address an envelope so that the new mom would have pre-addressed envelopes for her thank you notes.  

Each guest also filled out a card with their wishes for baby Jake.

Before Erin opened gifts, we passed out bingo cards; each guest filled out the squares of the bingo card with baby gifts they thought Erin would receive. The first guest to get a bingo based on the gifts Erin got won a Godiva chocolate gift basket.

We had such a great time celebrating baby Jake and can't wait for his arrival!

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