Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Weekly Recap

My 12 weeks of maternity leave is winding down (DON'T MAKE ME CRY!!!), so I'm trying to focus on all of the fun moments!

Blair was out of town in San Francisco for 3 nights last week for work, so my parents came in town to keep me company and help with the baby.

Granna had to make a trip to Buy Buy Baby to buy more toys for Carter...the first grandchild is spoiled rotten!

Uncle John decided Carter needed to learn how to solve a Rubik's Cube....Carter was not interested.

We celebrated my dad's 60th birthday!
I made this Andes Mint Chocolate Cake for my dad's birthday which may have been my favorite dessert ever.

My mom succeeded in getting Carter to smile at her (it only took hours of coaxing).

We did lots of fun stuff over the weekend, but somehow I completely failed to take any photos.  On Friday we had our friends Lauren and Drew, who recently moved back to Dallas from Dublin, over for dinner - so fun!  We spent Saturday morning volunteering at church, then headed to Ft. Worth to watch the A&M game with our college friends.  

On Sunday, we went to church and left Carter in the church nursery for the first time.  I may or may not have cried during the entire church service AND gone to check on him between church and Sunday School.  This does not bode well for how I will handle returning to work.

On Tuesday I took this little man on a 5-mile walk ending at Starbucks to enjoy a PSL in the gorgeous 64-degree weather!

I also failed to take photos of fun Tuesday night activities - Carter and I attended the First Time Mom and Baby class at church, followed by our church's first dinner/speaker series for moms.  The theme was "Overwhelmed", and I loved how real everyone was about the tough parts of being a mom.

Even though I already have a bunch of mom friends, I'm trying to branch out and meet new people.  In addition to these two mom events on Tuesday night, I also signed up for our church's new Working Moms Circle which meets twice a month and our neighborhood HOA mom's group.  Hopefully I will meet some new friends who want to hang out on Wednesdays or Friday afternoons when I'm not working!

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