Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Weekly Recap

This week was so busy and fun!

On Thursday, this guy smiled for the first time!  
On Friday, a "cold front" came through Dallas, meaning that temperatures were in the 70s.  Obviously that meant that our morning walk involved a detour by Starbucks for a warm fall drink!  I tried a nonfat, 2-pump salted caramel mocha.  FYI, that drink apparently normally comes with EIGHT pumps of syrup! The barista said it's the most sugary drink they make.
It wasn't all fun and games...there was PLENTY of laundry.  The distribution among our laundry baskets made me laugh - how can a baby produce so much more laundry than the two adults in this household?!
On Friday, our sweet friends the Moores came over for dinner (...and brought US dinner).  We had so much fun catching up with them, and I'm sad I didn't get a pic!

On Saturday, I headed to Burleson early in the morning to host sweet Erin's baby shower!  We can't wait for baby Jake to be here!
On Sunday, our neighbors the Moultons came over for brunch after church.  Our boys are only 6 months apart - we can't wait for them to be friends!
Someone had a major diaper blowout at dad's softball game, and I only had the pared-down stroller version of the diaper bag with me, which didn't have an extra outfit for C.  He had to borrow one from my friend's daughter Jane....pretty in pink?
Monday brought the dreaded 2-month pediatrician appointment, which meant shots....C spent most of the afternoon like this.  Poor baby :(
I had breakfast on Tuesday morning with my high school senior girls from LifeGroup.  I can't believe they are going off to college next year!
My parents and I met up with my brothers at HopDoddy's for burgers on Tuesday night.  C's uncles were all about taking a selfie with their nephew.

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