Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Home Improvement: Kitchen Renovation

When we bought our house, we knew the kitchen had to go - immediately!  I was excited to get the opportunity to get the exact kitchen look I wanted - I'd always wanted a kitchen with white cabinets and a white subway tile backsplash.

Since our apartment lease overlapped our closing date by a month, we decided to stay in the apartment and have the kitchen redone before we moved in. Since we gutted the entire thing, it was a huge mess - definitely the right decision! 

The renovation took about 3.5 weeks.  The old kitchen had double ovens but no pantry, which wasn't going to work for us; we ended up tearing out the double ovens and turning that space into a pantry; we then replaced the existing stove with a range, which meant we had to replace all the cabinetry.  I was excited to find a range that still had 2 ovens (although the top one is small and only has 1 rack) - it's still nice to be able to cook things at 2 different temperatures at the same time!  We also had a built-in microwave installed, since there was no microwave in the kitchen when we bought the house.

In the end, the only parts of the original kitchen that remained were the dishwasher and the hutch on the far side of the kitchen (which we had painted white and replaced the glass in the upper cabinets).  Everything else - the appliances, cabinets, flooring, lighting, countertops, and fixtures were replaced, but we made no changes to the overall floor plan of the kitchen.
We love the new kitchen!  Here are some before and after shots:


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