Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Weekly Recap

I enjoyed lots of playtime with this precious boy.  How is he already 8 weeks old?!

Now that I am brave enough to leave the house with a baby, I met a friend for a walk on the Katy Trail with her son, who is 6 weeks older than Carter.  The boys snoozed the whole time!

We cheered on the Aggies....well, for half the game, since it started so late due to the rain delay!

My boys looking adorable in their maroon.  For the record, this baby Aggie outfit cost more than any Aggie item I have ever purchased for myself or my husband...what a racket!

Blair's family had an estate sale at his grandma's house, and we found (and kept) a set of 16 glasses engraved with his grandparents' monogram.  How special!!

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